Toyota Oil Filter (1JZ/2JZ/UZ)

Toyota Oil Filter (1JZ/2JZ/UZ)
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Genuine OEM Toyota Oil Filter suit 1JZ/2JZ/UZ/5V-EU/FZ engines.
Or for anyone using those Ryco Z418 filters, why not use a genuine item instead!

Suits a wide variety of cars and engine combinations.
For the Supra and Soarer this is the larger V8 filter, almost double the height, good for some extra filtration.
The filter is also suitable for many other Japanese imports as well as the majority of all Land Cruisers.

Vehicle Applications
Manufacturer Make Model Engine
Lexus GS300 JZS160 All
Toyota Soarer JZZ/UZZ All
Toyota Supra JZA80 All
Lexus LS400 All All
Toyota Celsior All All
Toyota Aristo All All
Toyota Landcruiser All All

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