RB25 Engine Rebuild Seal and Gasket Kit

RB25 Engine Rebuild Seal and Gasket Kit
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Genuine OEM Nissan Skyline RB25 complete engine seal and gasket kit, suits R32/R33 with RB25DET or RB25DE engines.

This is a complete kit and includes every conceivable gasket or seal that you may require when rebuilding your engine.

Contents Includes:
1 x FIPG - Form in place gasket (150g)
1 x Rear Main Seal
1 x Sump Plug Washer
1 x Head Gasket
2 x Camshaft Seals
24 x Valve Stem Seals
1 x Rocker / Cam Cover Gasket (Exhaust)
1 x Rocker / Cam Cover Gasket (Intake)
2 x Rocker / Cam Cover 1/2 Moon Seals
1 x Plenum to Intake Runner Gasket
1 x Intake to Head Gasket
1 x Throttle Body Gasket
1 x Exhaust Manifold Gasket
1 x Front Crank Seal
1 x Oil Pump Gasket
1 x Oil Pick-up Gasket
1 x Crank/Cama Angle Sensor O-Ring
1 x IAC Gasket

Vehicle Applications
Manufacturer Make Model Engine
Nissan Skyline R32 RB25DE
Nissan Skyline R33 RB25DE
Nissan Skyline R33 RB25DET
Nissan Skyline R34 RB25DE
Nissan Skyline R34 RB25DET
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