Wheel Bearing (front) Supra/Soarer

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Genuine OEM Toyota Front Wheel Bearing (one wheel).

Common symptoms of wheel bearing failure:
- Excessive noise (rumbling, whirring) whilst driving
- Movement under breaking (veering left or right)
- Additional vibration, as a result of excess clearance/play in the bearings.

Vehicle Applications
Manufacturer Make Model Engine
Lexus GS300 JZS160 2JZ-GE VVT-i
Lexus GS300 JZS161 2JZ-GTE VVT-i
Toyota Soarer JZZ/UZZ All
Toyota Supra JZA70 1JZ-GTE
Toyota Supra JZA80 All
Lexus LS400 UCF10R 1UZ-FE
Lexus LS400 UCF20R 1UZ-FE
Toyota Celsior UCF10 1UZ-FE
Toyota Celsior UCF11 1UZ-FE
Toyota Aristo JZS147 All
Toyota Aristo UZS160 1UZ-FE